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How many players for Scattergories teams?

Category: Games & Cards

My extended family wants to play Scattergories, but we figure it would be easier if we were in teams? Is it possible to play Scattergories this way? Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do it?

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The game can be played with two players but is more fun with a group or as teams.

Scattergories is a word challenge game that tests how fast you think on your feet with nothing more than a letter, a piece of paper and a timer. The game of Scattergories is a very simple premise that even children could play.
Scattergories was first published in 1988 by Milton Bradley with newer versions currently under license to Hasbro. The game rewards creative thinking and word usage which makes it a great educational game for the classroom in helping to increase your vocabulary.
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6 years ago
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