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How do you eat a fresh avocado?

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I love avocado by itself or on a salad,guacamole but best on two slices of fresh bread alittle salt and pepper. love it
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2 years ago
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If you want to eat an avocado by itself, make sure that it is ripe but not overripe. The outside of fruit should be soft but not too soft.

Cut the avocado in half with a butter knife. The flesh inside should be soft, green/yellow, but not overly black/moldy (i.e. overripe). Remove and discard the pit.

If desired (and I recommend this), **lightly** sprinkle some seasoned salt (such as Lawry's) on each half. Eat the flesh out of each half slowly and enjoyingly by scooping out with a metal spoon. Discard the tough, inedible thick skin.
and green but not too black inside)
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5 years ago
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First you cut the avocado in half. Pull it apart, and the core will stay on one side. Take a fork and scrape the soft avocado out into a bowl. Smash it with the fork or a potato masher, add a little salt and garlic. You can put it on sandwiches or hamburgers. If you want to make guacamole, just add some salsa and eat it with chips.
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5 years ago
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I find it weird that there are people who hate avocado even when it's perfectly ripe with its smooth, buttery, creamy texture. I always eat it as naked as possible. Forget avocado mousse cake, ever since I was a kid, my favorite has always been fresh avocado sprinkled with coffee powder and granulated sugar. Avocado smoothies with milk and chocolate condensed milk are very popular here but I prefer mine un mushed (it's the oral aggression thing).

It's very interesting how people from different cultures prepare their avocados. A foreign friend of mine were shocked that Indonesians mainly use it for sweet stuffs, especially in cold dessert while my family were disgusted by guacamole (it's spicy avocado!). I always hate those insipid prawn cocktail with avocado and bland thousand island dressing and I find the basic olive oil+balsamic is rather blah.. Sweet, naked avocado is for me.
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4 years ago
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1 year ago

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